Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services

Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services

Certificate of Need (CON) Quarterly Survey

Welcome to the CON Survey.  The 1st Quarter 2024 survey is currently closed. The 2nd Quarter 2024 survey will open on July 1, 2024.  If you have any questions please call 573-526-8553 or email ConSurvey@health.mo.gov.  Thank you!

Please remember, an automatic email will be sent to the last email address on file when the next quarter opens. If you believe this has changed since the last quarter was submitted, contact our office immediately to update.
Per 19 CSR 30-82.010 (8) Every skilled nursing facility, intermediate care facility, residential care facility and assisted living facility issued a license or temporary operating permit by the department shall submit the required certificate of need quarterly surveys to the department on or before the fifteenth day of the first month following the previous Social Security quarter.

Failure to respond could cause the facility to become ineligible for expansion under CON law. It could also result in a competitor being granted a CON to build or expand in the facility's service area.
You are about to gain access to a Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services application. Any unauthorized use may result in a loss of access privileges, an action for civil damages, and/or an action for criminal charges.

The information reported is public information.

For assistance, send an email to consurvey@health.mo.gov or call (573) 526-8553.

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